Dispute resolution in Kazakhstan is anything but simple. Apart from the risk of corruption in courts, high discretion of judges, lack of consistent judicial practice on most issues of law, there are many other factors that make dispute resolution in Kazakhstan hardly predictable.

It is important not only to correctly formulate a position, to know when and how articulate it, at what point to submit the right document, how to submit it, how to draw the court's attention to certain circumstances, which questions to ask, but also to take into account other factors that may impact a judge’s thinking.

Our main goal is to minimize the unpredictability factor in resolving disputes as much as possible in the realities of Kazakhstan, while respecting the high standards of professional and business ethics.

This can be achieved not only by deep specialization and sufficient experience, but also by minimizing the likelihood of legal error through collective discussions of a legal position in complex cases. Determining a correct position at an early stage is tantamount to correctly diagnosing a disease. Every lawyer may have his/her own opinion, lawyers can make mistakes, no matter where they work and what experience they have.

By bringing together several lawyers highly experienced in domestic and international dispute resolution, we seek to ensure a case strategy which benefits from robust challenge and testing, before it reaches the courts, ensuring you benefit from the optimum mix of strategy and tactics.

We intend to provide our clients with the best results of the collective thinking of our partners and lawyers for the price of a local law firm. Our vision is to become the Kazakhstan’s top dispute resolution practice.